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  Box 252
  Mildmay ON
  N0G 2J0

  Phone: 519-375-1284

    When we decided to renovate our house in the Hanover area, we were unsure as to whom to approach to do the work. We were given the name "Mike's Home Improvements" and thought we'd give him a call. It was one of the best moves we made! We had a small repair on a chimney, which needed attention first and when the dollar amount was in our price range and the work was finished to our satisfaction, we gave him the option of quoting on a larger project. Neither of us had any idea of the extent of the job we were commissioning him for, or the number of hours involved.

    We were renovating a house that was close to 100 years old, which meant we were faced with some major problems. Mike approached the project with enthusiasm and we found him extremely amicable and trustworthy. His price was reasonable and his work ethic was fantastic! Mike faced each stumbling block with "I'll figure out how we can do that." even if it seemed impossible. We would see him scratching his head with a puzzled look on his face and we'd ask if there was a problem. His reply would be "I'll have to sleep on this." and by the next day he'd have a satisfactory solution and be ready to get at it.

    Mike did everything from re-framing existing walls right down to laying our hardwood floors. He installed our kitchen cabinets, put ceramic tiles in the bathroom, built a deck, put a new steel roof on our garage as well as erected an oak railing on our staircase. Everyone who has seen the finished product is impressed with the workmanship as well as the total cost of the project. In total, Mike spent over 700 hours renovating our retirement home!

    In Mike, we have not only found an excellent contractor but a great friend and would highly recommend him to anyone.

Donna & Gerry
Hanover 2007